Bandit Horizontal Grinders

Bandit’s line of horizontal grinders are the most versatile units available on the market. Each model has the amazing capability to turn unwanted wood waste into a valuable end product! Check out some of the key features that make these machines the greatest grinder available!

Bandit Horizontal Grinders

Bandit introduced its first horizontal grinder, the Model 3680 in 1995. Since then, multiple models have been engineered and manufactured featuring a unique cuttermill for processing a diverse range of material. Expanding the horizontal grinder line, in 2024, Bandit introduced its first hammermill grinder further enhancing Bandit’s already expansive line of horizontal grinders.  


Bandit Horizontal Grinders

CUT IT, CHIP IT, OR HAMMER IT with a Bandit horizontal grinder! Which grinding method is best suited and preferred for your application? Bandit has you covered with three different mill options


The Model 1425 leads the way into the Bandit horizontal grinder line up. Perfect entry level grinder that excels at grinding brush, logs, and regrind. Since its introduction, the 1425 has been a popular choice for those looking for a cost effective solution to color mulch. Rated at 14″ capacity and available as tow-behind or track with engine options ranging from 120 – 174 horsepower.


The 1680 is often preferred by muncipal organizations and other smaller operations as it suites a variety of grinding applications all at an economical price. Rated at 18″ capacity and can be ordered as tow-behind or track with engine option ranging from 321 to 326 horsepower.


The 24″ capacity Model 2460 is a perfect solution for those grinding contractors looking for a compact, yet highly productive grinder. A Caterpillar C13B, 536 horsepower engine provides ample torque to grind various wood waste. The 2460 has and abundant amount of screening area and features two easily changeable screens that are removed from the side of the machine. Available as tow-behind or track.


The 2680 is available as a track unit only and offered with a Caterpillar C18, 755 horsepower engine. Ideal for a variety of applications and is best suited for lot and land clearing as it can easily be maneuvered. The 2680 is capable of grinding material up to 35″ diameter capacity. Like other Bandit horizontal grinders, the 2680 features a large diameter mill (42″ diameter) that rotates at a lower RPM allowing the 2680 to grind larger diameter wood using less horsepower and fuel and with reduced vibration.


The Model 3680 is a longtime favorite and was the first horizontal grinder developed by Bandit back in 1995. Even though the name remains the same, numerous changes have occurred since this machine was brought to market. Today, the 3680 is rated as a 35″ capacity machine and offered as tow-behind or track. The tow-behind model is available with a C18, 755 horsepower engine, while the track version can be ordered with a Caterpillar C27, 875 or 1,050 horsepower engine.


Bandit’s largest Beast model is the 4680 and is known to grind large diameter wood waste quickly and efficiently. The large 60″ diameter mill with 48 teeth grinds the toughest material with ease all while using less horsepower and fuel. This efficient cutting action also reduces vibration. The 4680 is rated at 45″ capacity and is available as tow-behind or track and can be ordered with a Caterpillar C27, 1,050 or Caterpillar C32, 1,200 horsepower engine.

Hammermill 6420

With considerable research and collaboration, the Bandit team brings the HM6420 hammermill grinder to market!

This highly productive 40” capacity grinder is designed and manufactured to be an alternative solution for those grinding applications that may contain contaminants. A Caterpillar C32, 1,200 horsepower engine provides ample torque and horsepower for optimal machine performance and productivity.


(Export Only)

The Beast® Model 2660EU offers exceptional versatility for tree services, municipalities, logging operations, sawmills, recycling yards, and many other end users seeking a one-size-fits-all recycling solution. With a 35-inch by 60-inch throat opening, the Model 2660EU can easily handle waste wood, plastic, roofing shingles, chunk wood, and more.