Bandit® Equipment


Bandit’s legacy was built on hand-fed wood chippers, and they remain the front-line choice for many tree care professionals. Key features include unmatched pulling and compressing power, easy serviceability with minimal electronic components, and long term longevity creating high re-sale values. To see how a Bandit chipper can change your operation click view all below!


Bandit® stump grinders feature a variety of features and options that make them easy to use and highly productive. A complete line of models are available ranging from rubber tire, track or tow-behind. Each model has easy to use controls, maximum visibility of the stump, and high powered cutter wheels. Each unit is designed to be easy to service and maintain, reducing downtime and increasing grinding time!


Bandit’s line of mowing, mulching and grinding attachments are designed to quickly attach to skid steer loaders, bringing even more versatility to these go-anywhere, do-anything machines. Combining high-performance with low maintenance and extreme durability, Bandit® attachments give skid steer loaders exceptional land-clearing capability for job sites


The Beast® revolutionized the world of recycling when it entered the scene in 1995. Featuring a patented cuttermill that turns downward, these versatile horizontal grinders are best known for producing high-quality mulch from a range of wood products. Each model can effectively process larger diameter material requiring less horsepower and fuel with minimal vibration.


Bandit® whole tree chippers are legendary for their ability to pull in, crush and compress the largest trees, forked limbs and stubborn tops, all while leading the industry for production, fuel efficiency, and chip quality. Built by specialized teams using the highest quality components with thorough welded construction, Bandit whole tree chippers provide years of reliable service.


Bandit® track carriers are high-production land clearing machines, available with either a powerful mower / mulching attachment or dedicated stump grinding head that can be switched in a matter of minutes. It’s all controlled from a deluxe ROPS/FOPS-certified operator’s cab featuring the latest technology to help ensure the highest levels of productivity and comfort.


Bandit customers have access to select Arjes slow-speed shredders. Rip, shred, and crush the widest variety of materials unlike any other shredder on the market. Built from the ground up to be the most universal shredders, our customers enjoy and benefit not only from the power and production of these machines, but especially from the extreme versatility.

FInd A Dealer

Bandit sells most products through a dedicated dealer network featuring highly trained parts, sales, and service personnel. To find a dealer in your area please specify the product of interest and your state and zip code on our Dealers page.