Why Bandit?

Established in 1983, Bandit Industries has built a reputation for engineering, manufacturing, and supporting high-quality tree care and recycling equipment that provides years of dependable service. Each machine is built with the operator in mind and developed to be highly productive, yet easy to maintain. The construction of each Bandit product features the highest of quality componentry and all steel construction ensuring a machine that will perform at the highest level with minimal downtime.

Bandit employees have a commitment and pride for their role and responsibilities within the company. When customers visit the factory, they are often impressed with the willingness each worker has to show their part of the process to get a quality machine built and shipped to the customer. In 2018, Bandit became an Employee-Owned Company (ESOP) further enhancing the companies’ ability to keep the culture intact that has led to the success over the last four decades.

Click on the below link to watch Bandit’s 40th anniversary video, highlighting the 40 year history of Bandit.


When original founder Mike Morey Sr. formed Bandit his consistent message was “build a good machine, make it strong, keep improving, and take care of our customers”. Even though Mike is now retired, these words are still the core philosophy at Bandit. Each machine is hand built ensuring a quality produced unit. After assembly is completed, a thorough inspection is conducted before going to paint.

To provide a high-quality paint finish, the process starts with pickled steel that is cleaned of impurities using a series of hydrochloric baths. The machine is then washed with high temperature alkaline cleaners and phosphoric acids. Through the process of cleaning, the surface is freed of oil and contaminants, which leaves an excellent surface for coating. The epoxy primer, which forms an impermeable barrier between the steel and moisture, is then applied. The chipper is then covered with a polyurethane paint. We use this paint process for our chippers because it provides the best finish available.

We understand that many companies are identified by their company colors. That is why we make it easy to purchase your chipper with the paint color of your choice. Two standard colors are available: Bandit yellow or green, or a special color can be ordered for a nominal fee.

Bandit’s dedicated growing global dealer network is another key attribute and why so many customers continue to buy Bandit products. With 113 dealers worldwide consisting of 257 locations, adequate coverage can be found in almost all major markets areas. Each Bandit dealer invests in significant resources ensuring the Bandit customer base is supported at the highest level. Bandit also has dedicated sales and parts personnel responsible for ongoing training with dealers in designated territories ensuring dealer personnel are educated on how to properly sell and support Bandit products.

To ensure customers receive high level support, many Bandit dealers have Bandit specialist(s) whose focus is only Bandit products. To find an authorized Bandit dealer in your area please click this link.

We are confident there is a machine we have that will meet your needs. To learn more about why you should choose a specific Bandit machine, below are various “why buy” categories to choose from. If you haven’t tried to a Bandit product for your operation, contact Bandit or a local authorized dealer today to demonstrate a machine and see how adding a Bandit to your fleet will make your operation more efficient and profitable!

Why Buy a Bandit Hand-Fed Chipper?

Bandit hand-fed chippers have been manufactured since 1983, and are known for their performance, reliability, efficiency, and durability. They retain one of the highest resale values on the market and are the preferred choice by a variety of tree care professionals. The Bandit hand-fed product line is the most diverse line of models available, and are configured to serve a variety of applications. Multiple disc and drum style tow-behind models ranging from 6″ to 21″ capacity can be chosen from. Select models are also available as self-propelled with a rubber or steel track undercarriage. Additionally, the Model 90XP can be ordered as a chipper/chip box combo unit, and the 21XP can be equipped with a Kesla loader.

The heart of each Bandit chipper is the slide box feed system. This design is what original founder Mike Morey, Sr. introduced on the very first chipper in 1983, and still utilized on most Bandit chippers produced today. This slide box allows the top feed wheel to travel straight up and down with the flow and diameter of material passing through the feed system. This system applies direct down pressure, easily crushing material through the spring tensioning system or the hydraulic lift cylinder, making the chipper easier to feed reducing the need to re-position or trim material.

Most Bandit chippers offered feature powerful hydraulic dual feed wheels (a few models have a single feed wheel). Each feed wheel is powered by high displacement hydraulic motors that will effectively pull material into the chipper. A bottom clean-out door is also included on dual feed wheel systems and extends knife life by allowing dirt and other debris to fall out. This clean-out door must be cleaned out periodically throughout the day.

All Bandit chippers feature wide profile, heavy-duty infeed hoppers. Each hopper is standard with a 30″ fold down infeed tray that slopes 3 degrees making the chipper easier to feed. In lieu of a folding infeed pan, a solid infeed with heavy-duty rim is optional on 12” chippers and above.

Minimal electronic components and sensors are used on Bandit chippers. Most auxiliary functions are controlled by hydraulics simplifying maintenance while reducing downtime.

Each Bandit chipper is designed to be easy to work on and maintain. Component covers can easily be removed, allowing easy access to the item needing maintained. Hydraulic hoses are easily accessible to see if there are leaks or loose fittings. All grease points and filters are also easily accessed, and engines with enclosures feature removable panels, allowing easy access to the engine.

A wide array of gas and diesel engine options are available from most major engine manufacturers. Engines available include:

  • Gasoline:          Briggs, Kohler, Ford, and PSI
  • Diesel:              Caterpillar, Cummins, John Deere, and Kohler

Depending on the model, Bandit drum-style chippers feature larger diameter drums with more knives compared to some competitive units (usually in the 12” to 15” range). The larger Bandit drums turn slower generating more torque, requiring less fuel and horsepower to chip material. With more knives, there are more cuts per revolution creating a smoother more efficient chipping action with reduced vibration.

Each Bandit chipper is designed to throw chips at a high velocity. On the disc-style chippers, cupped blades are mounted to the disc capturing and throwing material up through the disc housing. Drum style chippers feature numerous fan blades mounted to each side of the drum that assist with chip discharging. Adjustable side vents and covers can be adjusted or removed for additional throwing action as needed. The drum-style chippers also feature a slot mounted on the back side of the drum transition. This slot is known as the “Power Slot” and creates more airflow and reduces the time needed to clean out the housing and discharge in the rare event the machine plugs with chips.

Due to the heavy-duty construction of the disc/drum and feed system the Bandit fabricated components are covered by a 5 year “GUTS” warranty.

Bandit chippers comply with all OSHA and ANSI safety requirements and offer additional safety features that go above and beyond industry standards. For more information on the safety features on a Bandit hand-fed chipper, utilize this link: https://banditchippers.com/commitment-to-safety/.

To watch how a Bandit chipper is manufactured, click on the below link.


If you have additional questions on how a Bandit chipper will make your business more efficient, give Bandit or a local authorized dealer a call today, we are always happy to show how a Bandit chipper will make a difference!  Below is our hand-fed product line video:

Why buy a Bandit stump grinder?

Bandit introduced a full stump grinder product line in 2004 and has continued to expand and improve models offered. To date, a variety of Bandit stump grinders are offered ranging from rubber tire, track, and tow-behind models. Each stump grinder is built with the operator in mind by providing superior maneuverability, high torque grinding, and ease of maintenance.

High torque cutter wheels provide unmatched cutting power to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. With an array of cutter wheel drive system options, customers can choose the set-up that best suits their needs ranging from belt driven models with easy belt adjustment procedures to hydraulic motor or gear box driven models with no belts, bearings, or jackshafts to maintain. No matter what the preferred set-up maybe, operators can be confident that each Bandit model is built to provide maximum cutting power with minimal downtime and maintenance.

  • Belt driven = SG-40 and 3100
  • Hydraulic motor = 2550, 2650, 2890 and 2900
  • Gearbox driven = SG-75

Each Bandit stump grinder is engineered to provide the operator with maximum visibility of the stump during grinding, allowing the operator to be more productive while reducing the chances of hitting any potential obstacles or debris in the way. Each control station is strategically positioned for maximum visibility and protection during grinding. Below are examples of the various control stations offered.

  • 3-position operator’s console – standard on SG-40
  • Control valves mounted on side of machine – standard on 2550
  • Swing-out operator’s console – standard on 2650, 2890 and 3100
  • Radio Remote control – standard on 2900 and SG-75 and optional on 2550, 2650, 2890, and 3100

Bandit stump grinders feature powerful drive systems that are capable of traversing difficult terrain, allowing them to be utilized for a wide range of applications. Heavy-duty individual drive motors with brakes are utilized on all rubber tire units (excluding the SG-40W), giving each grinder the power to travel up hills and through muddy conditions with ease. Each motor features a braking system, holding the grinder in place during grinding. These powerful motors help the unit climb chip piles, reducing tire spin and repositioning, thus increasing production.

Bandit is proud to offer the features and options that make your stump grinding operation more productive. As an example, Bandit offers two styles of cutter wheels to meet various user preferences and soil conditions. The New Revolution wheel with hex teeth or Bandit wheel with Greenteeth.

Reduce cleanup time with an optional hydraulic grading blade on a Bandit stump grinder (available on all models excluding SG-40 and 3100). The blade is easily controlled from the control valves or remote and can significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to clean up chips after a stump is ground. Faster cleanup means the operator can get to the next stump or job site faster, increasing productivity.

Heavy-duty high-flotation tires on the wheeled units provide maximum stability and flotation, improving performance on uneven terrain and wet ground conditions. The high flotation tires are appealing to those who want to limit yard damage. Units equipped with tracks feature “turf-friendly” rubber tracks designed to minimize terrain damage and are best suited for those working in soft or wet conditions.

If you have additional questions on how a Bandit stump grinder will make your business more efficient, give Bandit or a local authorized dealer a call today, we are always happy to show how a Bandit stump grinder will make a difference!  Below is our stump grinder product line video:

Why buy a Bandit whole tree chipper?

Bandit manufactured its first whole tree chipper in 1988 and was the first to offer a large capacity whole tree chipper on tracks. Like other Bandit product lines, an array of whole tree models are available and designed to excel at chipping large diameter material using less horsepower and fuel. Models available include disc and drum style chippers ranging from 20″ to 36″ capacity. Most of these chippers are being used in a variety of biomass operations, converting whole trees, tops, and diseased wood into chips for fuel. They are also an excellent choice for land clearing operations, right-of-way clearing contractors, loggers, and tree services.

Disc vs. Drum: Bandit Gives You a Choice

Disc-Style Chippers

Trelan by Bandit Disc-style chippers chip material at an angle, allowing material to be chipped with the grain of the wood.

This set-up has the following advantages:

  • The angled feed requires less horsepower to chip larger diameter material.
  • Chipping on an angle is similar to whittling, allowing the machine to use less fuel and reduce vibration.
  • Due to the cutting angle chips can be discharged at a tremendous velocity, fully compacting full-length chip trailers.
  • Can produce a high-quality chip ranging from 3/4″ to 1 1/8″.

Drum-Style Chippers”

Bandit drum-style chippers feature heavy-duty reinforced drums, which is why they are offered with an industry leading 5 year “GUTS” warranty that covers the fabricated components of the drum and feed system. Advantages of a drum-style chipper include:

  • The feed system is more closely coupled to the drum, allowing the chipper to effectively collapse limbs.
  • The throat openings on drum-style chippers are larger, allowing them to process more material at one time.
  • Drum chippers will process more fibrous materials found in warmer climates and are the machine of choice for those companies consistently chipping tops.

All Bandit drums are built with thick drum skins and numerous internal baffles reinforcing the drum. The throat housing, drum bases, infeed, and discharges are all constructed of AR400 and T1 steel.

Bandit whole tree chippers feature the most powerful, durable feed systems available on the market today, thanks largely to the slide box. As the material passes through the feed system and into the chipper, the slide box allows the top feed wheel(s) to flow straight up and down. This trouble-free system for carrying the top feed wheel(s) allows direct down-pressure for crushing material and is also applied through the hydraulic lift cylinders. The power of the chain-driven top feed wheel(s) combined with powerful hydraulic motors generate an enormous amount of torque for maximum pulling power. Loading material into the chipper is simple and quick, and operators can easily feed large diameter whole trees with few hang-ups.

Each Bandit whole tree chipper features powerful dual feed systems for compressing limbs and branches. These feed systems easily pull large diameter whole trees into the chipper. All the Bandit feed systems have at least a top and bottom feed wheel. The 3090 and 3590’s can be ordered with side mounted vertical feed wheels for additional pulling power. The multiple wheel feed system is the best feed system ever developed for a whole tree chipper.

Infeed conveyors are available on all Bandit whole tree chippers. These long infeed conveyors, with heavy-duty track style conveyor chain, simplify the feeding of limby material, shorter pieces, and piles of brush. These conveyors also provide additional pulling power to assist pulling material into the chipper. In addition, the infeed conveyors slope, making it easier to feed whole trees.

The unique design of the pockets in our drum chippers, smooth transitions, and unrestrictive discharges enhance the throwing power of the chipper. Another key feature is the power slot, providing additional air intake where it is needed the most on the backside of the chipper housing. The power slot eliminates the possibility of a vacuum within the drum housing that could slow the flow of chips from the chipper. The power slot also allows debris to fall from the housing as the machine is being shut down, keeping the material from lodging in the belly of the chipper, making it easier to start the drum. The power slot also makes it easier to dislodge material from the discharge should the discharge plug.

Bolt-in or babbitted knives are available on most Bandit whole tree chippers. Bolt-in knives are usually utilized by those companies not needing a specific chip size. The babbitted knife set-up is often used and is the preferred choice if a specific chip size is needed for pulp, paper, or wood fuel plants. The chip size can be set at 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″, or 1″.

All Bandit whole tree chippers come standard with our reversing Auto Feed. This system eliminates the need for an operator to stop the feed system to allow the engine to recover once it loses RPM. Reversing Auto Feed minimizes chip plugging, increases knife life, improves chip quality, and improves fuel economy by backing the material out of the cut.

A wireless radio remote with tether back-up is standard on all towable and track units without cab and loader. The remote will control chipper feed system, discharge functions and tracks if applicable.

Chip Size is Important

Bandit offers a variety of drum configurations that will produce a various chip size:

Standard Drum: The standard drum produces a 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, or 1” chip. Various knife holders are available to achieve the desired chip size needed.

Microchips: Producing a ¼” microchip, by featuring double the number of cuts per revolution. The microchip drum can produce either a microchip or standard chip. Switching between standard and microchips is as simple as removing half of the knives and adjusting the remaining knives.

Micro Chip Drum

The Microchip drum is offered on the 2590, 3090, and 3590’s. The drum makes four cuts per revolution, with 1/4″ chip size being the standard. The Microchip drum will fit in most previously built chippers; however, other adjustments are required when updating a previously built chipper.

The Chip Screen/Card Breaker system is currently available on the 2590, 3090, 3590 and 3590XL. Constructed out of wear-resistant material, this system restricts oversized material from flowing through the chipper until properly sized. Because Bandit chippers have such aggressive throwing power, the Card Breaker System further reduces oversized chips by literally breaking them as they enter the discharge chute. This system significantly enhances the uniformity of the end product for any chip size configuration. The breaker system is bolt-in, which allows it to be replaceable and this feature can be added to a previously built chipper.

Kesla Loader:

A Kesla loader option is available on the 20XP, 2090, and 2290 track. All loader functions are controlled by the standard radio remote control. On the 2290 track, an operator’s cab can be added allowing all track and loader functions to be controlled from the comfort of an enclosed cab.

Rotobec Cab and Loader:

Select Bandit whole tree chippers can be equipped with a cab and loader option from Rotobec. This option is an excellent choice for tree services, loggers, and land clearing operations that do not have a separate loader to feed the chipper. The loader is extremely durable and features a grapple rotator and heavy-duty turntable bearing. All cabs are designed for maximum operator comfort, featuring plenty of window space and deluxe seat with armrest and joystick controls.

If you have additional questions on how a Bandit whole tree chipper will make your business more efficient, give Bandit or a local authorized dealer a call today, we are always happy to show how a Bandit chipper will make a difference!


Why buy a Bandit horizontal grinder?

Bandit introduced its first horizontal grinder, the Model 3680 in 1995. Since then, multiple models have been engineered and manufactured featuring a unique cuttermill for processing a diverse range of material. Expanding the horizontal grinder line, in 2024, Bandit introduced its first hammermill grinder further enhancing Bandit’s already expansive line of horizontal grinders.

Serving multiple applications, each grinder easily processes a variety of material including but not limited to, biomass, chunk wood, compost, disaster clean-up, municipal solid waste, mulch, orchard recycling, pallets, plastic pipe, shingles, stumps, whole trees, and more!


“CUT IT”, “CHIP IT”, OR “HAMMER IT” with a Bandit horizontal grinder! Which grinding method is best suited and preferred for your application? Bandit has you covered with three different mill options!


Bandit’s “Beast” models feature a unique cuttermill designed to cut material apart. Since the cutting action is much smoother, vibration is minimized resulting in reduced wear-and-tear on the machine. Each cuttermill features cutterbodies that are attached to heavy-duty support arms regulating the cut, creating an efficient cutting action. The cutterbody utilizes a raker positioned ahead of the tooth limiting the cutting depth to approximately ¾”. This process correctly sizes material on initial cut and allows material to immediately pass through the screen and exit the grinding chamber. By grinding this way, each machine relies less on the screen and gate to size material reducing the overall wear on the screen and gate.

A wide variety of cutting teeth are available for the cuttermill to effectively process a diverse range of material. These teeth are either 1” or 2” wide depending on the mill set-up. Select models are available with a “fan” style tooth assisting with pushing material through the screen, increasing production while reducing wear on the cutterbody.


All “Beast” grinders are capable of producing a dimensional chip with a chipper knife set-up. For those needing a fine chip of approximately ¼”, knife style cutterbodies can be ordered for the cuttermill and are equipped with a small knife. This set-up can also be easily converted back to teeth to go back to normal grinding. For larger chips sizes ranging from 5/8” to 2”, a dedicated 4 or 8 knife chipper drum is available on select “Beast” models. When a grinder has the chipper knife set-up, only clean round logs should be ran through the grinder.


In 2024, Bandit introduced its first hammermill grinder, called the HM6420. With considerable research and collaboration, the Bandit team was excited to bring this highly productive 45” capacity grinder to market. This machine was designed and manufactured to accommodate those grinding applications that may contain contaminants. A Caterpillar C32, 1,200 horsepower engine provides ample torque and horsepower for optimal machine performance and productivity.

The heart of the HM6420 is a 50” diameter x 66” wide hammermill. The heavy-duty mill features 1.75” drum skin custom formed from rolled plate. The drum is supported by a 7” main shaft constructed of alloy steel that has been ultrasonic tested. Each pocket within the drum is manufactured from high strength A-514 steel. These combinations create a structural sound mill for added durability and integrity. The mill is equipped with 20 carbide infused hammer inserts built to withstand the toughest material fed into the machine. Each holder is securely attached to the mill via a patent-pending quick change pocket system. Each holder recesses into the mill pocket, increasing durability. A top plate covers the pocket and held in place by six hex bolts. The hammer insert is attached to each holder utilizing two bolts. With this set-up, the mill hardware is easier and quicker to replace.

An impact detection system is standard and designed to limit damage if a contaminant is struck inside the grinding chamber. Once an impact event is detected, the grinder will idle down, open the gate, disengage the clutch, and reverse the feed.

What are the additional advantages of a Bandit horizontal grinder?

Bandit horizontal grinders excel at grinding large diameter material. The mills in each Bandit grinder are generally larger in diameter compared to most competitors. These larger diameter mills turn at a lower RPM generating more torque, requiring less horsepower and fuel during grinding. Additionally, the machine will vibrate less reducing stress on the machine and its components.

Each Bandit machine grinds material in a downward motion, working in conjunction with the infeed conveyor and feed wheel. This cutting process creates a more inform end product as material is less likely to turn or roll during grinding. An anvil is mounted below the grinding chamber and acts as a primary or secondary cutting point depending on Model. On the Models 2680 on up, due to the downward cutting action, the infeed conveyor acts as the primary cutting point resulting in a moving anvil for added longevity.

A heavy-duty slat-style infeed conveyor is standard on most models and are extremely durable and easy to maintain. The conveyors are direct driven generating abundant pulling power. The large diameter feed wheels are also direct drive and provide additional pulling power. These combinations empower each grinder to efficiently and effectively grind large quantities of material at one time

Screens and gates are utilized to assist with achieving a desired end product size. Available size ranges include from 5/8” to 7” hole sizes and are available in Modified Diamond, Round and Square configurations. On select models, the gate can be opened hydraulically by the remote control allowing an foreign object to exit the grinding chamber quicker.

All models except for the 2460 track feature foldable and height adjustable discharges. Each discharge has a magnetic head pulley at the end to separate nails and other metallic debris that goes through the grinder. These discharges feature 2 or 3 speed adjustments that can be easily adjusted depending on the material being processed.

Proportional feed is standard on the Models 2460 on up and regulates the feed system as the engine begins to lose RPM. Usually featuring a minimal of 5 feed speed settings, this system gives adequate adjustments to effectively process material of different sizes allowing each unit to create a more consistent end product.

A wireless radio remote control system is standard on each grinder and will control all grinding functions. On track units, the remote will control all track functions and features an LCD screen that will display engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, engine load %, engine RPM and battery voltage.

Here is the current line up of Bandit horizontal grinders available (special models are available for overseas as well, please consult with Bandit for available models).

1425 (14” capacity) available as towable or track (120 towable / 174 hp track)

1680 (18” capacity) available as towable or track (300 – 350 hp)

2460 (24” capacity) available as towable or track (536 hp)

2680 (35” capacity) available as track only (755 hp)

3680 (35” capacity) available as towable or track (755 towable / 875 or 1,050 hp track)

4680 (45” capacity) available as towable or track (1,050 or 1,200 hp)

HM6420 (40” capacity) available as track only (1,200 hp)

Coloring Option

Adding the coloring option (available on Beast models only) converts the grinder into a high production coloring machine. The Beast coloring system will produce more colored mulch per hour using less water and colorant. Additionally, there is almost no colorant spillage from the machine and no mess to deal with. The flow of colorant is easy to adjust, and automatically adjusts with the flow of material into the mill. The cuttermill in The Beast does a great job coloring mulch as the large diameter mill with cutterbodies extend out serve to stir and mix the wood with the colorant, delivering an excellent colored mulch, with great coverage.

Electric Grinders

For those looking to grind in a consistent setting or inside a building, an electric Beast may be a viable option. The Beast with an electric drive motor is an economical and cost-effective option to a diesel-powered machine. All electric grinders are simple to set up and require less maintenance compared to a diesel engine. Each electric motor comes with soft-start, reducing the incidence of line-voltage drop. The electric motor options are crusher-duty motors from WEG, the largest electric motor provider in the world with global service support. Note: it is customers responsibility to provide proper electrical requirements and to hook machine to electrical source.


If you have additional questions on how a Bandit horizontal grinder will make your business more efficient, give Bandit or a local authorized dealer a call today!  Below is our Beast product line video: