Why Bandit?

Established in 1983, Bandit Industries has built a reputation for engineering, manufacturing, and supporting high-quality tree care and recycling equipment that provides years of dependable service. Each machine is built with the operator in mind and developed to be highly productive yet easy to maintain. Each Bandit product’s construction features the highest quality componentry and all steel construction, ensuring a machine that will perform at the highest level with minimal downtime.

Bandit employees are committed and proud of their roles and responsibilities within the company. When customers visit the factory, they are often impressed with the workers’ willingness to show their part in getting a quality machine built and shipped to the customer. In 2018, Bandit became an Employee-Owned Company (ESOP), further enhancing its ability to keep its culture intact, leading to its success over the last four decades.


When founder Mike Morey Sr. formed Bandit, his consistent message was “Build a good machine, make it strong, keep improving, and take care of our customers.” Even though Mike is now retired, these words are still the core philosophy at Bandit. So each customer can choose what will best suit their wants, needs, and desires, Bandit has created an extensive selection of specially curated equipment: hand-fed chippers, horizontal grinders, stump grinders, and whole-tree chippers.

Why Bandit Hand-Fed Chippers?

Bandit hand-fed chippers, which have been in production since 1983, feature an extensive product line, including tow-behind and self-propelled models, and cater to various tree care applications. Equipped with a slide box feed system and powerful hydraulic dual feed wheels, Bandit chippers offer efficient material processing, easy maintenance, and even come with a 5-year “GUTS” warranty!

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Why Bandit Horizontal Grinders?

Bandit’s horizontal grinders, introduced in 1995, offer a diverse range of models tailored for processing various materials, including biomass, wood, and plastics. With grinding methods like “Cut It,” “Chip It,” and “Hammer It,” Bandit provides efficient solutions for different grinding needs.

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Why Bandit Stump Grinders?

Bandit’s stump grinders, introduced in 2004, provide an array of models designed for superior maneuverability, high torque grinding, and ease of maintenance. With various cutter wheel drive system options and optional hydraulic grading blades, Bandit stump grinders are engineered to cater to diverse user preferences and soil conditions. 

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Why Bandit Whole-Tree Chippers?

Bandit has been manufacturing whole tree chippers since 1988, presenting both disc and drum-style models designed for chipping large-diameter material. These chippers are ideal for biomass operations, land clearing, and various tree services, featuring powerful feed systems, chip size options, reversing Auto Feed, and optional accessories like Kesla Loader and Rotobec Cab and Loader. 

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The Painting Process

Each machine is hand-built to ensure a quality unit is produced. After assembly is complete, a thorough inspection is conducted before going to paint.

In order to provide a high-quality paint finish, the process starts with pickled steel that is cleaned of impurities using a series of hydrochloric baths. The machine is then washed with high-temperature alkaline cleaners and phosphoric acids. Through cleaning, the surface is freed of oil and contaminants, leaving an excellent coating surface. The epoxy primer, which forms an impermeable barrier between the steel and moisture, is then applied. From there, the chipper is covered with polyurethane paint. Our chippers use this paint process because it provides the best finish available.


Why Color Matters

We understand that many companies are identified by their company colors. That is why we make it easy to purchase your chipper with the paint color of your choice. Two standard colors are available: Bandit yellow or green, or a special color can be ordered for a nominal fee.

Bandit’s dedicated growing global dealer network is another key attribute, so many customers continue to buy Bandit products. With 113 dealers worldwide consisting of 257 locations, adequate coverage can be found in almost all major market areas. Each Bandit dealer invests in significant resources, ensuring the Bandit customer base is supported at the highest level. Bandit also has dedicated sales and parts personnel responsible for ongoing training with dealers in designated territories, ensuring dealers are educated on how to sell and support Bandit products properly.

To ensure customers receive high-level support, many Bandit dealers have Bandit specialist(s) focusing only on Bandit products. To find an authorized Bandit dealer in your area, visit our Location Finder!

We are confident we have a machine that will meet your needs. To learn more about why you should choose a specific Bandit machine, below are various “why buy” categories. If you haven’t tried a Bandit product, contact Bandit or a local authorized dealer today to demonstrate a machine and see how adding a Bandit to your fleet will make your operation more efficient and profitable!