Slow-Speed Shredders

Bandit and its industrial dealer network represent the highly productive line of Arjes slow speed shredders. Arjes is a worldwide leading manufacturer of exceptional dual-shaft shredders

Slow-Speed Shredders

Each unit features high mobility and the ability to shred a variety of waste including asphalt, concrete, C&D, tires, light metal, and more! To see which shredder is best suited for you click the view all button below

Slow-Speed Shredders

A quick change shaft system requires minimal time for installation and removal of shafts allowing for quicker maintenance and shaft replacement.


No other slow-speed shredder on the market can match the Impaktor 250 in versatility and performance at this size and price point. Shred concrete, rubble, asphalt, bricks, ceramic,  wood, and waste from a single machine! Special shaft geometry positions material to be crushed, then secondary double jaw breakers with breaker bars help operators achieve a final product size. In short – the Impaktor 250 is the most compact, most versatile slow speed shredder available today.


The EKOMAXX 800 is an intermediate class shredder equipped with a Volvo 320 horsepower Tier 4 final diesel engine. This unit is only available with paddle shafts and best suited for applications processing green waste, wood, household and commercial waste, tires, paper, and cardboard.


The Titan 900 comes equipped with many of the same features as the Titan 950. What separates these two machines apart is the 900’s ability to shred concrete while the 950 was designed more to shred light metal and car bodies. the ARJES heavy-duty class also offers the possibility of using a stationary electric or diesel version, in which the twin-shaft shredders convinces with maximum efficiency.


The TITAN class is all about the heaviest chunks and the most demanding applications. Where many throw in the towel, the Arjes 950 can take on the challenge and seek to satisfy with a competitively superior range of applications. Best suited for those companies that have to process a huge amount of waste products on a daily basis. The 950 is the only model in the line-up capable of processing light metal and car bodies.