Bandit Industries has unveiled a new lineup of drum-style, hydraulic fed chippers designed specifically for ease of use, power and portability. The hand-fed chippers that make up the XPC Series include the Model 12XPC, the Model 15XPC and the Model 19XPC.

“Our XPC Series machines are as capable as their XP counterparts, featuring Bandit’s powerful slide box feed system, all steel-welded construction, and backed by Bandit’s network of dealers,” said Bandit Sales Manager Jason Morey.

The Intimidator™ 12XPC is for professionals focused on trimming, yet is rugged enough to chip 12” diameter material. It’s particularly popular with rental companies, utilities and tree care companies because of its maneuverability and cost-effective performance. Its compact design makes the 12XPC easy to tow and position, and its feed rate of 120 feet per minute quickly converts large quantities of brush into dimensional chips. Gasoline and diesel engine options up to 89 horsepower will keep the crew busy feeding and Bandit’s solid construction will provide years of dependable service.

Tree care professionals, municipalities and rental companies seeking a compact-yet powerful 15” capacity drum chipper turn to the Intimidator™ 15XPC. This impressive chipper features a 24” diameter-chipping drum and at 7,198 lbs., it’s easily towable. Built stronger using the highest quality components and assembled with solid welded construction, the Intimidator 15XPC will outperform and outlast all other 15” capacity drum chippers on the market.

The Intimidator™ 19XPC is a powerful drum-style chipper that can easily handle big limbs, forked material and whole trees. It’s an extremely versatile chipper, with one large 15-3/4” diameter top feed wheel, the 19XPC has the power to pull in the largest limbs and even whole trees. With its solid steel welded construction, proven feed system, durable components, and chip throwing technologies, the Intimidator 19XPC is a favorite for tree services needing a high-capacity chipper that’s easy to maneuver.

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