Bandit Industries, Inc. announces new CEO and President.


Bandit Industries, Inc. announces the appointment of new CEO and President:

The new CEO brings a deep passion and understanding of business operation and management.

Former CEO, Jerry Morey, announced the appointment of Craig Davis as the CEO and President of Bandit Industries on Thursday, January 4, 2024.

Craig joined the Bandit team in 2018 as the sales director and has shown a tireless passion for the company, customers, and dealers. Craig was also a part of the Bandit management board and oversaw the marketing and parts managers.

Prior to joining Bandit, Craig was employed at Power Solutions International and held various roles ranging from parts and sales to executive VP of sales. While working at PSI, Craig supplied Bandit engines for over twenty years, and was able to form a variety of relationships with Bandit employees, customers, and dealers.

Jerry Morey had this to say when making the announcement. “Craig has demonstrated to me and the board that he is more than capable of managing and growing your company. Craig has been a big part of our growth since joining Bandit in 2018. He is a tireless worker with good management and business skills, and has demonstrated those qualities in managing the sales, marketing, and parts departments.”

Addressing the company, Craig stated “there are going to be changes in 2024, but one thing that is not going to happen is change just for the sake of change. It will be well thought out and done with the sole purpose of making the company better today, tomorrow, and for years to come.”

Craig is married with three kids and is a 1995 graduate of the University of Illinois with a major in economics and a minor in marketing.

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