Bandit celebrates 40th anniversary at corporate headquarters.

Bandit celebrates 40th anniversary at corporate headquarters.


Bandit Industries celebrated its 40th anniversary with a corporate event on September 27th and 28th. The event included a welcome reception on the 27th, with plant tours and equipment demonstrations on the 28th. The event wrapped up the evening of the 28th with a dinner and entertainment.

Visitors from the USA and 15 different countries attended, including from Australia, Argentina, Brazil Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Guatemala, Indonesia, New Zealand, Poland, Puerto Rico, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

This is the first time Bandit has hosted an event at our headquarters since 2018. Since then, Bandit has added new models, conducted numerous building expansions, added multiple new dealers, and increased employees by over 70%.

“We were excited to show all attendees the numerous changes that have occurred at Bandit since our last event” stated Jason Morey Bandit’s corporate marketing manager.

Even though the morning started off as damp and rainy, the excitement was high as busses boarded to transport attendees to Bandit’s corporate headquarters. Once onsite, groups were guided through the buildings as employees from each department talked and answered questions about what occurs in each area.

After the plant tours were completed, the weather began to clear up and busses transported attendees to Bandit’s equipment demo site where lunch was served. Once lunch was completed, various models were demonstrated including, a new horizontal grinder (will be announced in near future), the 1425 coloring mulch, multiple brush chippers, four whole tree models including the Trelan 786 and Bandit 3590XL that filled a full-length van in just under 8 minutes. After the whole tree models wrapped up, the Arjes 250 and 900 shredded concrete slabs with ease. The live demos were concluded with the Model 3680 track Beast grinding logs and chunk wood. After the demos were done, the ropes were taken down and attendees were allowed to walk around the machines. People were also given the opportunity to run a stump grinder if they wanted to.

Attendees were then transported back to the Mount Pleasant where they could have a little bit of downtime before the evening festivities started. Evening events included a sit-down dinner and a casino night for entertainment. “We received a lot of great comments about the tours and equipment demos” Morey added. Each time we have people visit Bandit, they are often impressed with our employees and how open and passionate they are about their part of the production process. I was asked, how we do it and my response was simple, “It is the culture we have created. Bandit has multiple employees with 20+ years and as new employees come aboard, the drive to produce the highest quality and most productive tree care and recycling equipment is all passed down.” Morey adds.

In addition to this corporate event, additional events were held around the country and co-hosted with select dealers throughout 2023. Two more events are left in October, and once those are completed there will have been a total of 24 events in 2023 all in celebration of Bandit 40th anniversary. These events have given Bandit staff the opportunity to meet and say thank you to those customers that have purchased Bandit equipment.

All of us at Bandit would like to thank those customers and dealers that attended and/or co-hosted an event in 2023.

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