One of Michigan’s largest tree care services, Kappen Tree employs 350 Michiganders and contracts work from Ohio to the Mackinaw Bridge. Recently, they’ve made the decision to add dozens of Bandit machines to their fleet, including numerous Bandit Model 12X Hand-Fed Chippers. Company founder and owner Warren Kappen finds the 12X a powerful, efficient, easy-to-maintain addition, and judges it fully capable of keeping up with his crews and running like a champion even through Michigan’s coldest, snowiest, saltiest months.

BANDIT 12X Hand-Fed Chipper WORKS for Kappen Tree Service

The 12X will process tree trimmings and brush quickly and efficiently. The 15 ¾” diameter by 21-9/16” wide feed wheel will pull in and compress stubborn branches, guiding them to the drum. The 20” diameter drum spins two knives at nearly 2,000 rpm making it efficient when processing material like palm fronds.

The 12X was built to be light and nimble, but it’s not lacking in power. The 14-foot length and 6-foot 7-inch width means this machine is compact, and at only 4,700 lbs, it can easily be towed by a regular standard-duty pickup truck.

An optional lift cylinder helps operators compress and process wet, leafy, limby, and stringy material including palm fronds.

he 12X is also designed to be easy to operate, so operators will get maximum uptime from their machine. With only two knives to maintain and few points requiring grease, the machine’s daily maintenance routine should only take minutes. And intuitive controls mean rental customers will feel like seasoned professionals after only a few minutes of run time.


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