When AACR (Columbus, GA) wanted to expand its scrap metal operation to include concrete recycling and demolition, the family-owned business knew it would need the help of a slow-speed shredder. After trying several smaller competitive units, they landed on the Arjes Impaktor 250 (exclusively distributed by BANDIT) and haven’t looked back. The machine’s simplicity, durability, ease of transport and productivity (a consistent 60-70 tons per hour) mean AACR can move through tough jobs quicker, taking on more work in more locations.

Arjes Impaktor 250 (dist. by Bandit) CRUSHES Concrete and Waste Wood for AACR (Columbus, GA)

No other slow-speed shredder on the market can match the Impaktor 250 in versatility and performance at this size and price point. Grind, crush and shred concrete, rubble, asphalt, bricks, ceramic, metal, wood, and waste from a single machine! Special shaft geometry positions material to be crushed, then secondary double jaw breakers, in conjunction with the breaker bars, help operators achieve a more uniform final product size. In short – the 220 horsepower Impaktor 250 is the most compact, most versatile slow speed shredder available today.

The Impaktor 250 is designed from the ground up to really produce. It’s able to do this by being easier to transport, quicker to set up, and tougher on a variety of material you need to shred. The larger infeed hopper means less prep work to feed material, and compact dimensions means its easier to tow and position, weighing only 13.3 tons. The Impaktor 250 can be outfitted with either standard Impaktor shafts or the special paddle shafts, depending on the application. And the switch is relatively quick, taking only a few hours, thanks to the unique quick change cassette shaft system.

Rip, shred and crush a wide variety of material with the Impaktor 250. No other shredder can handle as wide a variety of materials. Operators can crush material such as concrete, rubble, asphalt, then switch to processing metals, and then finish with green waste and C&D waste – all from the same machine.


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