Why Buy a Bandit Whole Tree Chipper?

Bandit manufactured its first whole tree chipper in 1988 and was the first to offer a large capacity whole tree chipper on tracks. Like other Bandit product lines, an array of whole tree models are available and designed to excel at chipping large-diameter material using less horsepower and fuel. Models available include disc and drum-style chippers ranging from 20-inch to 36-inch capacity. Most of these chippers are used in various biomass operations, converting whole trees, tops, and diseased wood into chips for fuel. They are also excellent for land clearing operations, right-of-way clearing contractors, loggers, and tree services.

Disc vs. Drum: Bandit Gives You a Choice

Disc-Style Chippers

Trelan by Bandit Disc-style chippers chip material at an angle, allowing the material to be chipped with the grain of the wood.

This setup has the following advantages:

  • The angled feed requires less horsepower to chip larger-diameter material.
  • Chipping on an angle is similar to whittling, allowing the machine to use less fuel and reduce vibration.
  • Due to the cutting angle, chips can be discharged at a tremendous velocity, fully compacting full-length chip trailers.
  • Can produce a high-quality chip ranging from ¾ inch to 1 ⅛ inch.

Drum-Style Chippers”

Bandit drum-style chippers feature heavy-duty reinforced drums, which is why they are offered with an industry-leading 5-year “GUTS” warranty that covers the fabricated components of the drum and feed system. 

  • Advantages of a drum-style chipper include:
    • The feed system is more closely coupled to the drum, allowing the chipper to collapse limbs effectively.
    • The throat openings on drum-style chippers are larger, allowing them to process more material simultaneously.
    • Drum chippers will process more fibrous materials found in warmer climates and are the machine of choice for those companies consistently chipping tops.

All Bandit drums are built with thick drum skins and numerous internal baffles reinforcing the drum. The throat housing, drum bases, infeed, and discharges are all constructed of AR400 and T1 steel.

Bandit whole tree chippers feature the most powerful, durable feed systems available on the market today, thanks mainly to the slide box. As the material passes through the feed system and into the chipper, the slide box allows the top feed wheel(s) to flow straight up and down. This trouble-free system for carrying the top feed wheel(s) allows direct down-pressure for crushing material and is applied through the hydraulic lift cylinders. The power of the chain-driven top feed wheel(s) combined with powerful hydraulic motors generates enormous torque for maximum pulling power. Loading material into the chipper is simple and quick, and operators can easily feed large-diameter whole trees with few hang-ups.

Each Bandit whole tree chipper features powerful dual feed systems for compressing limbs and branches. These feed systems easily pull large-diameter whole trees into the chipper. All the Bandit feed systems have at least a top and bottom feed wheel. The 3090 and 3590’s can be ordered with side-mounted vertical feed wheels for additional pulling power. The multiple-wheel feed system is the best feed system ever developed for a whole tree chipper.

Infeed conveyors are available on all Bandit whole tree chippers. These long infeed conveyors, with heavy-duty track-style conveyor chains, simplify the feeding of limb material, shorter pieces, and piles of brush. These conveyors also provide additional pulling power to assist in pulling material into the chipper. In addition, the infeed conveyors slope, making it easier to feed whole trees.

The unique design of the pockets in our drum chippers, smooth transitions, and unrestrictive discharges enhance the throwing power of the chipper. Another key feature is the power slot, providing additional air intake where it is needed the most on the backside of the chipper housing. The power slot eliminates the possibility of a vacuum within the drum housing that could slow the flow of chips from the chipper. The power slot also allows debris to fall from the housing as the machine is being shut down, keeping the material from lodging in the belly of the chipper, making it easier to start the drum. The power slot also makes it easier to dislodge material from the discharge should the discharge plug.

Bolt-in or babbitted knives are available on most Bandit whole tree chippers. Bolt-in knives are usually utilized by those companies that do not need a specific chip size. The babbitted knife set-up is often used and is preferred if a specific chip size is needed for pulp, paper, or wood fuel plants. The chip size can be set at ⅝ inch, ¾ inch, ⅞ inch, or 1 inch.

All Bandit whole tree chippers come standard with our reversing Auto Feed. This system eliminates the need for an operator to stop the feed system to allow the engine to recover once it loses RPM. Reversing Auto Feed minimizes chip plugging, increases knife life, improves chip quality, and improves fuel economy by backing the material out of the cut.

A wireless radio remote with tether backup is standard on all towable and track units without a cab and loader. The remote will control the chipper feed system, discharge functions, and tracks if applicable.

Chip Size is Important

Bandit offers a variety of drum configurations that will produce a various chip size:

Standard Drum: The standard drum produces a ⅝ inch, ¾ inch, ⅞  inch, or 1 inch chip. Various knife holders are available to achieve the desired chip size.

Microchips: Producing a ¼ inch microchip featuring double the number of cuts per revolution. The microchip drum can produce either a microchip or a standard chip. Switching between standard and microchips is as simple as removing half of the knives and adjusting the remaining knives.

Micro Chip Drum

The Microchip drum is offered on the 2590, 3090, and 3590’s. The drum makes four cuts per revolution, with ¼ inch chip size being the standard. The Microchip drum will fit most previously built chippers; however, other adjustments are required when updating a chipper.

The Chip Screen/Card Breaker system is available on the 2590, 3090, 3590, and 3590XL. Constructed out of wear-resistant material, this system restricts oversized material from flowing through the chipper until adequately sized. Because Bandit chippers have such aggressive throwing power, the Card Breaker System further reduces oversized chips by breaking them as they enter the discharge chute. This system significantly enhances the uniformity of the end product for any chip-size configuration. The breaker system is bolt-in, which allows it to be replaceable, and this feature can be added to a previously built chipper.

Kesla Loader:

A Kesla loader option is available on the 20XP, 2090, and 2290 tracks. The standard radio remote control controls all loader functions. On the 2290 track, an operator’s cab can be added, allowing all track and loader functions to be controlled from the comfort of an enclosed cab.

Rotobec Cab and Loader:

Select Bandit whole tree chippers can be equipped with a cab and loader option from Rotobec. This option is an excellent choice for tree services, loggers, and land-clearing operations that do not have a separate loader to feed the chipper. The loader is extremely durable and features a grapple rotator and heavy-duty turntable bearing. All cabs are designed for maximum operator comfort, featuring plenty of window space and deluxe seats with armrests and joystick controls.

If you have additional questions on how a Bandit whole tree chipper will make your business more efficient, call Bandit or a local authorized dealer today. We are always happy to show how a Bandit chipper will make a difference!