Why Buy a Bandit Stump Grinder?

Bandit introduced a full stump grinder product line in 2004 and has continued to expand and improve the models offered. To date, a variety of Bandit stump grinders are offered, including rubber tire, track, and tow-behind models. Each stump grinder is built with the operator in mind by providing superior maneuverability, high torque grinding, and ease of maintenance.

High torque cutter wheels provide unmatched cutting power to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. With an array of cutter wheel drive system options, customers can choose the set-up that best suits their needs, ranging from belt-driven models with easy belt adjustment procedures to hydraulic motor or gear box-driven models with no belts, bearings, or jackshafts to maintain. No matter the preferred setup, operators can be confident that each Bandit model is built to provide maximum cutting power with minimal downtime and maintenance.

  • Belt driven = SG-40 and 3100
  • Hydraulic motor = 2550, 2650, 2890 and 2900
  • Gearbox driven = SG-75

Each Bandit stump grinder is engineered to provide the operator with maximum visibility of the stump during grinding, allowing the operator to be more productive while reducing the chances of hitting any potential obstacles or debris in the way. Each control station is strategically positioned for maximum visibility and protection during grinding. Below are examples of the various control stations offered.

  • 3-position operator’s console – standard on SG-40
  • Control valves mounted on side of machine – standard on 2550
  • Swing-out operator’s console – standard on 2650, 2890 and 3100
  • Radio Remote control – standard on 2900 and SG-75 and optional on 2550, 2650, 2890, and 3100

Bandit stump grinders feature robust drive systems capable of traversing difficult terrain, allowing them to be utilized for various applications. Heavy-duty individual drive motors with brakes are used on all rubber tire units (excluding the SG-40W), giving each grinder the power to travel up hills and through muddy conditions with ease. Each motor features a braking system, holding the grinder in place during grinding. These powerful motors help the unit climb chip piles, reducing tire spin and repositioning, thus increasing production.

Bandit is proud to offer the features and options that make your stump grinding operation more productive. As an example, Bandit offers two cutter wheel styles to meet various user preferences and soil conditions — the New Revolution wheel with hex teeth or the Bandit wheel with Greenteeth.

Reduce cleanup time with an optional hydraulic grading blade on a Bandit stump grinder (available on all models excluding SG-40 and 3100). The blade is easily controlled from the control valves or remote and can significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to clean up chips after a stump is ground. Faster cleanup means the operator can get to the next stump or job site faster, increasing productivity.

Heavy-duty high-flotation tires on the wheeled units provide maximum stability and flotation, improving performance on uneven terrain and wet ground conditions. The high-flotation tires are appealing to those who want to limit yard damage. Units with tracks feature “turf-friendly” rubber tracks designed to minimize terrain damage and best suit those working in soft or wet conditions.

If you have additional questions on how a Bandit stump grinder will make your business more efficient, call Bandit or a local authorized dealer today. We’re always happy to show you how a Bandit stump grinder will make a difference!  

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