Why Buy a Bandit Horizontal Grinder?

Bandit introduced its first horizontal grinder, the Model 3680, in 1995. Since then, multiple models have been engineered and manufactured, featuring a unique cutter mill for processing diverse materials. Expanding the horizontal grinder line, in 2024, Bandit introduced its first hammermill grinder, further enhancing Bandit’s already expansive line of horizontal grinders.

Each grinder efficiently processes a variety of materials, including but not limited to biomass, chunk wood, compost, disaster clean-up, municipal solid waste, mulch, orchard recycling, pallets, plastic pipe, shingles, stumps, whole trees, and more, serving multiple applications!


“CUT IT,” “CHIP IT,” OR “HAMMER IT” with a Bandit horizontal grinder! 

Which grinding method is best suited and preferred for your application? Bandit has three different mill options for you!


Bandit’s “Beast” models feature a unique cutter mill designed to cut material apart. Since the cutting action is much smoother, vibration is minimized, reducing wear and tear on the machine. Each cutter mill features cutter bodies attached to heavy-duty support arms regulating the cut, creating an efficient cutting action. The cutter body utilizes a raker positioned ahead of the tooth, limiting the cutting depth to approximately ¾ inch. This process correctly sizes material on the initial cut and allows the material to pass through the screen and exit the grinding chamber immediately. By grinding this way, each machine relies less on the screen and gate-to-size material, reducing the overall wear on the screen and gate.

A wide variety of cutting teeth are available for the cutter mill to process a diverse range of materials effectively. Depending on the mill set-up, these teeth are either 1 inch or 2 inches wide. Select models are available with a “fan” style tooth assisting with pushing material through the screen, increasing production while reducing wear on the cutter body.


All “Beast” grinders can produce a dimensional chip with a chipper knife setup. For those needing a delicate chip of approximately ¼ inch, knife-style cutter bodies can be ordered for the cutter mill and are equipped with a small knife. This setup can also be easily converted back to teeth to return to normal grinding. For larger chip sizes ranging from ⅝ inch to 2 inches, a dedicated four or eight-knife chipper drum is available on select “Beast” models. When a grinder has the chipper knife set up, only clean round logs should be run through the grinder.


In 2024, Bandit introduced its first hammermill grinder, called the HM6420. With considerable research and collaboration, the Bandit team was excited to bring this highly productive 45-inch capacity grinder to market. This machine was designed and manufactured to accommodate those grinding applications that may contain contaminants. A Caterpillar C32, 1,200 horsepower engine provides ample torque and horsepower for optimal machine performance and productivity.

The heart of the HM6420 is a 50-inch diameter x 66-inch wide hammermill. The heavy-duty mill features a 1.75-inch drum skin custom formed from rolled plate. The drum is supported by a 7-inch main shaft constructed of alloy steel that has been ultrasonic tested. Each pocket within the drum is manufactured from high-strength A-514 steel. These combinations create a structural sound mill for added durability and integrity. The mill is equipped with 20 carbide-infused hammer inserts built to withstand the most challenging material fed into the machine. Each holder is securely attached to the mill via a patent-pending quick change pocket system. Each holder recesses into the mill pocket, increasing durability. A top plate covers the pocket and is held in place by six hex bolts. The hammer insert is attached to each holder utilizing two bolts. With this setup, the mill hardware is easier and quicker to replace.

An impact detection system is standard and designed to limit damage if a contaminant is struck inside the grinding chamber. Once an impact event is detected, the grinder will idle down, open the gate, disengage the clutch, and reverse the feed.

What are the additional advantages of a Bandit horizontal grinder?

Bandit horizontal grinders excel at grinding large-diameter material. The mills in each Bandit grinder are generally larger in diameter compared to most competitors. These larger-diameter mills turn at a lower RPM, generating more torque and requiring less horsepower and fuel during grinding. Additionally, the machine will vibrate less, reducing stress on the machine and its components.

Each Bandit machine grinds material downward, working with the infeed conveyor and feed wheel. This cutting process creates a more informed end product as the material is less likely to turn or roll during grinding. Depending on the Model, an anvil is mounted below the grinding chamber and acts as a primary or secondary cutting point. On models 2680 and up, the infeed conveyor acts as the primary cutting point, resulting in a moving anvil for added longevity due to the downward cutting action.

A heavy-duty slat-style infeed conveyor is standard on most models, extremely durable, and easy to maintain. The conveyors are directly driven, generating abundant pulling power. The large-diameter feed wheels also have direct drive and provide additional pulling power. These combinations empower each grinder to efficiently and effectively grind large quantities of material at one time.

Screens and gates are utilized to assist with achieving a desired end product size. Available size ranges include from ⅝ inch to 7-inch hole sizes and are available in Modified Diamond, Round, and Square configurations. On select models, the remote control can open the gate hydraulically, allowing a foreign object to exit the grinding chamber quickly.

All models, except for the 2460 track, feature foldable and height-adjustable discharges. Each discharge has a magnetic head pulley at the end to separate nails and other metallic debris that goes through the grinder. These discharges feature 2 or 3-speed adjustments that can be easily adjusted depending on the material being processed.

Proportional feed is standard on models 2460 and up and regulates the feed system as the engine loses RPM. Usually featuring a minimum of 5 feed speed settings, this system makes adequate adjustments to effectively process material of different sizes, allowing each unit to create a more consistent end product.

A wireless radio remote control system is standard on each grinder and will control all grinding functions. The remote will control all track functions and features for on-track units and an LCD screen displaying engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, engine load %, engine RPM, and battery voltage.

Here is the current lineup of Bandit horizontal grinders available (special models are also available overseas; please consult with Bandit for available models).

  • 1425 (14” capacity) available as towable or track (120 towable / 174 hp track)
  • 1680 (18” capacity) available as towable or track (300 – 350 hp)
  • 2460 (24” capacity) available as towable or track (536 hp)
  • 2680 (35” capacity) available as track only (755 hp)
  • 3680 (35” capacity) available as towable or track (755 towable / 875 or 1,050 hp track)
  • 4680 (45” capacity) available as towable or track (1,050 or 1,200 hp)
  • HM6420 (40” capacity) available as track only (1,200 hp)

Coloring Option

Adding the coloring option (available on Beast models only) converts the grinder into a high-production coloring machine. The Beast coloring system will produce more colored mulch per hour using less water and colorant. Additionally, the machine has almost no colorant spillage and no mess to deal with. The flow of colorant is easy to adjust and automatically adjusts with the flow of material into the mill. The cutter mill in The Beast does a great job coloring mulch as the large diameter mill with cutter bodies extends out to stir and mix the wood with the colorant, delivering an excellent colored mulch with great coverage.

Electric Grinders

An electric Beast may be a viable option for those looking to grind in a consistent setting or inside a building. The Beast with an electric drive motor is an economical and cost-effective option to a diesel-powered machine. All electric grinders are simple to set up and require less maintenance than diesel engines. Each electric motor comes with a soft start, reducing the incidence of line-voltage drop. The electric motor options are crusher-duty motors from WEG, the largest electric motor provider in the world, with global service support. 

Note: it is the customer’s responsibility to provide proper electrical requirements and to hook the machine to an electrical source.


If you have additional questions on how a Bandit horizontal grinder will make your business more efficient, call Bandit or a local authorized dealer today!  

Check out our Beast Product Line Video!