Two versions of the Model SG-40 now available from Bandit!

Bandit introduced the Model SG-40W (rubber tire stump grinder) at the TCIA show in Charlotte, North Carolina November 10th – 12th.

Since developing the Model SG-40 track, this model has become a popular choice due to its aggressive cutting action and economical price. Even though the SG-40 has a turf-friendly rubber track undercarriage, Bandit saw the need for a rubber tire model to further increase the capabilities of this model series.

The Model SG-40W features the same upper frame as the track unit, but what separates these two models apart is the SG-40W has wide profile flotation tires. Each tire is propelled by a hydraulic motor making the unit four-wheel drive for added power. The SG-40W will be appealing to those concerned about traveling over delicate terrain, as it can be maneuvered with limited to no terrain damage.

The SG-40 models are available with a Kohler 38 horsepower EFI gas engine, powerful belt driven cutter wheel, user-friendly 3-postion operators console, all built on a compact yet durable platform.

Bandit is now taking orders for the SG-40W and will begin production in 2023. To find out more about the SG-40 track or SG-40W please contact a local authorized Bandit dealer.


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