Bandit’s commitment to customer satisfaction- BANDIT INDUSTRIES IS PROUD TO BE A LEADER IN OUR INDUSTRY when it comes to safety in the wood and waste processing industries, whether it be through educational seminars conducted at authorized Bandit dealerships, or through the continual research and development of equipment and features. 

Bandit is an industry leader in safety, and consistently exceeds ANSI and OSHA safety requirements and recommended practices.

Regardless of the time and effort invested by manufacturers to minimize risks, accidents can still happen. In nearly all cases, such accidents are due to operator error. Even the most established professionals who are accustomed to the equipment can make a mistake if they take safety precautions for granted. Your safety, and the safety of those working with you, depends on your knowledge of how to properly operate and maintain your equipment. Never take the equipment or safety procedures for granted.

Ask us or your local dealer about TCIA training and Dealer training classes in your area.

Bandit Safety Features

These are some of the special features available on our New Bandit hand-fed chippers. All features can also be retrofitted to Older Bandit hand-fed chippers.


All Brush Bandit hand-fed chippers are equipped with a chipper hood lock pin, designed with a keyed padlock to secure the chipper hoods and doors in the closed position. Never use a homemade or make-shift hood pin.


These cover the hydraulic pump belt drive, chipper drive belts, feed wheel drive couplers and bearing retainer.


Designed to assist operators in feeding smaller material into the chipper, the wooden pusher paddle allows operators to push material from the infeed tray into the feed wheels without reaching in past the infeed hopper. It can be chipped without causing damage to the chipper. Under no circumstances should operators reach beyond the leading edge of the infeed hopper to push material to the feed wheels – if your pusher paddle is missing or damaged, replacements are available through Bandit Industries.


There are numerous decals located on the machine that contain important information to assist in operating your equipment safely. It is necessary for all machine owners, operators and service people to be familiar with, and follow all instructions as listed on the decals. Replacement and multilingual decals are available through Bandit Industries.


Brush Bandit chippers feature standard folding infeed trays to assist with transportation. Non-folding, heavy-duty welded infeed trays are optional. If equipped with the folding infeed tray, it must be locked in the open position whenever the chipper is in use, and folded closed for transport. These devices must be in proper operation working condition at all times.


The control bar wraps around three sides of the infeed chute and controls feed wheel direction.


The housings for the chipping discs and drums are equipped with an engine-disable plug attached to the hood locking pin. This safety device helps ensure the hood lock pin is properly installed, or the engine will not operate.


On disc-style chippers, Bandit also installs a patented safety feature called the “Hood Spring-Lock Pin”. This item is positioned so that it stops the retracting movement of the hood lock pin if the chipper disc is still turning. The hood cannot be opened while the disc is spinning.


Bandit’s patented last chance cables are located inside the infeed hopper. If the cables are pulled, the feed wheels will reverse direction or stop. Should a negligent operator fail to follow safety procedures and wind up in the infeed hopper being pulled towards the feed wheels, pulling these cables may be their “Last Chance” to avoid serious injury or death. The “Last Chance Cables” are NOT intended for use during normal, proper operation. Never reach into the infeed hopper to pull these cables – they are for emergency use only.


The line/rope shearing bar (highlighted in red) is installed in the drum housing on Bandit drum-style hand-fed chippers and acts as a secondary knife. It’s designed to improve the chance of severing a rope or line, should it be drawn into the chipper knives. This patent-pending device is standard on all current Bandit hand-fed drum-style chippers.


“We build them big, and we build them strong. And we take care of our customers when they need it.”– Bandit Industries founder Mike Morey Sr.

This quote simply and effectively summarizes why Bandit had-fed chippers are well-known and respected throughout the world. They’re the best performing chippers on the market, designed to meet the demands of hard-working professionals year after year. Every Bandit hand-fed chipper is built by specialized teams using the highest quality components with solid welded construction. No corners are cut; no compromises are made. And when customers have feedback on chipper designs and features, Bandit listens. They’re simply built to be the best.

That’s why it’s no surprise to see Bandit hand-fed chippers still serving front-line duty for ten or even thirty years, racking up thousands of hours of use. That’s why Bandit hand-fed chippers have the best resale value of any chipper on the market. That’s why tens of thousands of tree service professionals rely on their Bandit chippers every day to get the job done quicker with minimal downtime for maintenance. It’s why Bandit equipment owners take such pride in their machines. And it’s why Bandit hand-fed chippers lead the industry for durability, performance, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.