With the demand for Bandit products increasing at a steady pace, the need to for additional manufacturing and storage space is a top priority being addressed by the Bandit team.

Bandit products continue to be the preferred solution by a variety of tree care and recycling contractors. This demand has created the need for various additions across the Bandit campus.

Bandit’s dealer network is committed to providing unmatched sales and aftermarket support. Currently the Bandit dealer network is very strong and consists of over 250 locations worldwide. This commitment has been a big factor in the additional demand for Bandit products.

Below is an outline of the various additions and expansions that have taken place since 2021. These additions are important building blocks to increase output across all product lines. Another important factor is adding additional employees, which is a topic many companies across the USA struggle with daily. Bandit is working diligently to hire additional employees that will allow for more productivity. Since January 2021, Bandit’s total workforce has increased by 30%. The need for more employees is still an important factor, and Bandit is focusing on this by hosting monthly job fairs, conducting radio and streaming ads, attending local events, and more.


Beast Manufacturing Addition (4,900 square feet)

Completed in 2021, this addition allows for an additional assembly line and increased storage space for parts that will be utilized on the production line.

Stump Grinder Manufacturing Addition (4,900 square feet)

Also completed in 2021, this addition is being utilized for parts inventory freeing up space in the main stump grinder manufacturing areas. Additionally, a robotic cell will be implemented by the end of 2022, and will be used to weld parts that are time consuming to weld by hand.

Hand-Fed Chipper Manufacturing Addition (4,900 square feet)

Completed in the summer of 2022, check out and inspection was moved to this addition, allowing for more assembly bays on the main hand-fed production line.

Ship-Out / Final Assembly Addition (18,000 square feet)

Currently under construction and soon to be completed. This addition will give much needed space for final assembly and inspection increasing throughput. Additional loading docks will increase efficiency for loading trucks and containers.

New Steel Processing Facility (80,000 square feet)

This massive new building is currently under construction. Once finished, it will include a drive through unloading bay for all sheet, plate, and structural materials. This will be far more efficient and safer for the material handlers. The material will be received near the north end of the facility, and as it is processed, it continues moving south. Completed orders will be staged near the southern doors where the material handlers will receive, load, and disperse to their designated locations.

A 20KW CY-Laser with automation capable of running nonstop was purchased and should be fully operational in the spring. The Laser itself with arrive late November / early December and automation will follow a few months later.

Plans are being finalized to add a new material handling machine. This unit will debur, edge round, and remove edge oxidation. Most of the parts cut on the Alltra Plasma and CY-Laser would be sent through this unit as a paint prep precaution. The edge rounding process allows for paint to adhere to the parts more efficiently.

The north bay of this new building will house the 130-amp Alltra plasma, 20Kw CY-Laser, and material handling machine. The west bay will house our CNC machining centers, CNC lathe, manual mills, and drill press. The center bay will house the ironworker, saws, and raw structural materials. Finally, the east bay will house the press brakes and plate roller.

Once completed, this new processing center will supply the entire plant with the necessary steel components to build equipment, increasing efficiency across the entire campus.

As Bandit approaches 40 years in business, we would like to thank all those customers that have purchased a Bandit machine. This milestone would not be possible without the loyal dedication of the multiple Bandit owners running machines worldwide.



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