The Hill Family has been logging in Georgia since 1946. And though the majority of their production is in timber, they’ve discovered that owning a Bandit Model 2590 Whole Tree Chipper has led to cleaner job sites, more satisfied land-owners, and, as a result, more work. Charles Hill calls his 2590 a “timber-buying tool”, and prospective clients have been pleased to work with him when they see how clean Hill Logging’s job sites are upon completion.

BANDIT & Hill Logging Inc.: The Model 2590 Is Their “Timber-Buying Tool”

Bandit’s most popular whole tree chipper is the Model 2590. Officially rated as a 22-inch capacity whole tree chipper, the Model 2590 actually has a 26.25-inch by 30-inch chipper throat opening so it easily handles large whole trees, tops, and logging slash. It features Bandit’s unique Slide Box Feed System, and is available with a dedicated micro chip drum. Depending on engine options, the Model 2590 can fully load chip trailers in around 18 minutes. A standard 7 1/2′ infeed conveyor provides further assistance for loading and pulling material into the chipper.

Customers can choose from Caterpillar engine options that include a Caterpillar C15 (540 hp) or C18 (800 hp). The standard forestry style stationary discharge chute enhances chipping throwing velocity fully packing chip vans to their max capacity.

The powerful feed system on the 2590 is capable of generating just over 16,500 pounds of total pulling power easily pulling in whole trees making the unit easier to feed and more productive. The direct down pressure provided by the standard hydraulic lift cylinder generates 7,100 pounds of down pressure to easily crush material into the chipper. These combinations allow the 2590 to easily process a wide array of trees with unmatched pulling and compressing power.


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