Diverse Global Dealer Network:


Bandit's global dealer network consists of over 200 locations worldwide. Each Bandit dealer has an authorized territory ensuring proper coverage along with adequate parts, service and sales support including on-hand parts and machine inventory. 

Onsite parts and service training provides hands on knowledge from Bandit personnel giving each Bandit dealer the proper tools to provide unmatched parts and service support. 

In the field, sales support is top notch as each region is backed by qualified factory sales representatives. Most of these representatives live in the territory they represent and their main focus is to ensure each dealers sales staff is knowledgeable and comfortable with the Bandit product line. They also assist each dealer with trade shows, demos, equipment stock recommendations, and parts and service related topics as well. 

Many Bandit's dealers also represent other product lines (usually complimentary to our equipment) and have a diverse sales staff concentrating on these lines. To ensure customers receive top notch support, many Bandit dealers have Bandit specialist(s) whose main focus is only Bandit products.


Bandit Parts Department:


Bandit's parts department is equipped with a knowledgeable support support staff many with over 20 years of expierence. Their main task is to work with dealers regarding parts stocking levels, training Bandit dealers, ensuring Bandit has the proper parts on hand and to support our direct customers in territories with no authorized dealer.

This department strives to provide parts in a timely manner to our dealer network and Bandit customer base. Most of the time, wear parts and other high usage parts are available in stock. Some parts that are not used on a consistent basis may have to be built on the manufacturing line or ordered from a vendor, so some lead times may vary but in most instances for high usage parts it will be in stock at the dealers location. 


Bandit Product Support Department:


Along with our parts department, the product support department is equipped with people who have been at Bandit for numerous years. Many have held multiple positions within the company and have a high level intel on all aspects of Bandit equipment.

This department is responsible for ensuring our dealer network's service departments are properly trained regarding the servicing of Bandit products. Onsite training at Bandit is conducted on a regular basis so dealers new and old have a comfortable understanding of how to make repairs as quick and efficiently as possible.

For areas without a dealer, this department also handles customer calls to provide over the phone assistance.


Peace of Mind:


All Bandit equipment is built with the highest quality components and are assembled in teams with all steel welded construction.

Each piece of equipment is designed to provide years of dependable service with minimal downtime. Bandit backs each machine with a 1 year or 2,000 hour manufacturer’s warranty. Extended warranties are available for purchase as well.

In addition to our standard warranty, a 5-year or 3,000 hour "GUTS" warranty is offered on the Bandit fabricated components of the disc/drum and feed system on our hand-fed and whole tree chippers. Bandit builds these components to be extremely durable so confidently offers this additional warranty as an extra peace of mind for our dealers and customers.


Bandit Tool Box Videos:



Bandit Toolbox: Clutch Engagement/Adjustment on Hand-Fed Chippers - YouTube

Bandit Toolbox: NACD Over-Center and Spring-Loaded Clutch Adjustment - YouTube

Bandit Toolbox: Anvil Adjusting on Handfed Chippers

Bandit Toolbox: Changing/Adjusting Knives on Hand Fed Chippers - YouTube

Bandit Toolbox: Belt Adjustment on Hand-Fed Chippers - YouTube

Bandit Toolbox: Adjusting the Shear Bar on Hand-Fed Chippers - YouTube

Bandit Toolbox: Checking/Adjusting Hydraulic Pressures on Hand Fed Chippers - YouTube

Bandit Toolbox: Winch Operation on Hand-Fed Chippers - YouTube



Bandit Toolbox: ZT-1844 Belt Adjustment - YouTube

Bandit Toolbox: Checking/Adjusting Belt Tension on ZT-1844 - YouTube

Bandit Toolbox: Checking and Adjusting Stump Grinder Pressures

Bandit Toolbox: SG 40 Belt Adjustment

Bandit Toolbox: SG 75 Walkthrough



Bandit Toolbox: Proportional Feed/Rapid Advance on The Beast - YouTube

Bandit Toolbox: Cutterbody Changing on The Beast - YouTube



Bandit Toolbox: Babbitting Knives on Whole Tree Chippers - YouTube

Bandit Toolbox: Adjusting Anvil on Whole Tree Chippers

Bandit Toolbox: Model 2590 Whole Tree Chipper Walk Around (New Features/Improvements) - YouTube



Bandit Toolbox: BTC 300 Walk Around (New Features/Improvements) - YouTube


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