Building on the success of our lineup of most productive horizontal grinders, Bandit Industries developed the new Model 2460XP to be the most economical 24-inch capacity horizontal grinder for operations looking to dispose of green waste, urban wood waste, saw mill slabs, municipal tree waste, and more.


"To put it plainly, the economical Model 2460XP is The Beast built to outperform all other horizontal grinders in its class,” said Bandit President Jerry Morey. “This compact machine has all the advantages of its larger brothers, all while still able to be towed without any special wide-load permits. Mid-sized tree companies, saw mills and municipalities will love feeding their tree limbs and urban wood waste, and slabs into the 2460XP and producing a high quality, value added mulch.”


No other horizontal grinder features a dual screen setup to maximize production. The 2460XP can do this because of its unique 30-tooth cuttermill design and special cutterbodies, which controls the cut of material, sizing material on the anvil instead of the screen. This means material is already sized before it gets to the screen, easily passing through onto the discharge conveyor.

The track-type infeed conveyor efficiently feeds material to the 60” wide by 24” diameter feed wheel yoke, which is the same size as the 3680XP. The mill turns down against a fixed anvil. The unique infeed conveyor butts closely to the anvil to limit wedging of material between the conveyor and anvil. The down-turning mill and powerful feed system ensure a smooth, controlled flow of material to the mill, maximizing production while adding to the uniformity of the finished product.


“We designed the 2460XP with maintenance in mind,” said Morey. “The Model 2460XP is designed to be maintenance-friendly with easy access to the mill, slide out screens with a convenient screen changing arm, and simplified hydraulics. A large mill door provides easy access to the grinding chamber for routine maintenance, and the mill hood provides easy access to change teeth and cutterbodies.”

A wide variety of tooth options are available for the 2460XP, ensuring that you can produce the perfect product for your markets. It excels at processing larger diameter material, stumps and chunkwood.


And when encountering ungrindable contaminants, The Beast’s patented cutterbodies and teeth are designed to absorb the shock of the blow, protecting the cuttermill and support arms. This limits the downtime for mill repairs to the time it takes to replace teeth and rakers. And the 2460XP, like every other Beast, has a unique waste gate that makes it easy to quickly remove any contaminants from the mill and screening area, limiting damage to the mill and wear parts.