A long-time track favorite for tree service companies, stump grinding professionals and land clearing contractors, the Model 2900 Track delivers big horsepower and grinding power in a package that retains a good deal of maneuverability. It rides on a turf-friendly rubber track undercarriage that can expand to 53 inches for stability, and retract to 35 inches to clear narrow backyard gates. A very wide side-to-side cutter swing with big horsepower options from either diesel or gasoline engines make the 2900T the best choice for grinding big stumps quickly and efficiently.

Key Features and Options

  • 75” side-to-side cutter swing
  • Beltless hydrostatic direct-drive
  • Expandable/retractable track undercarriage
  • Radio remote control
  • Rubber debris curtain
  • Optional grading blade
  • Optional swing-out debris curtains

Product Details

Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected.
All Specifications are subject to change.

Standard Metric
Width 53 in 134.62 cm
Height 75 in 190.50 cm
Length 161 in 408.94 cm
Weight 5320 lbs 2413 kg
Fuel Tank 14 gl 53 l
Hydraulic Tank 29.50 gl 111.67 l
Cutting Swing 75 in 190.50 cm
Cutting Depth 24 in 60.96 cm
Cutting Height 31.50 in 80.01 cm

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