The Bandit® Model HB20 features a unique center-pivot design that takes the work out of using a handlebar stump grinder. Self-propelled with a 25-horsepower engine and a 15-inch diameter cutter wheel, the Model HB20 is both easy to use and very effective on small and even medium-sized stumps. A narrow 25-inch wide frame (37.5 inches with dual wheels installed) makes it extremely manueverable, perfect for backyard removals and grinding in close quarters. The HB20 is a favorite among rental companies and stump grinding professionals.

Key Features and Options

  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Center-pivot base for easy grinding
  • Electric start
  • Optional hydraulic filter kit
  • Optional colors
  • 15.25" diameter x .5" thick cutter wheel with 8 teeth

Product Details

Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected.
All Specifications are subject to change.

Standard Metric
Width 31 in 63.50 cm
Height 60.40 in 165.10 cm
Length 60.50 in 228.60 cm
Weight 700 lbs 317.51 kg
Fuel Tank 4.40 gl 16.65 l
Hydraulic Tank 2 gl 7.57 l
Cutting Swing 26 in 98.42 cm
Cutting Depth 22 in 83.27 cm
Cutting Height 22 in 83.27 cm

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