The Model 1425 track is designed with the same features as the tow-behind unit and made to travel on a Caterpillar 308 steel track undercarriage. With this durable track drive, the 1425 can travel through a variety of terrain settings reducing the need to move material to the machine. The track version also makes it easier to reposition the machine on a landing by simply using the standard radio remote control to move the machine. Featuring the same down turning cuttermill, cutterbody / tooth options and a variety of screen size options like our larger horizontal grinders, the 1425 will efficiently process a variety of wood waste in a valuable end product.


Every feature on the 1425 is designed to maximize production from this compact package. The patented down turning cuttermill works with gravity and the feedwheel to control material. Cutterbodies correctly size material as it’s fed into the machine, saving on wear and tear while increasing production. And the replaceable screens let operators make a variety of end products. All these features are present on the larger Bandit horizontal grinders – and they’re all available on the 1425 too!


A 3-speed proportional feed system is standard allowing the machine to run at optimal production levels while reducing wear on the machine. As the engine begins to lose RPM the feed system will slow down and once the engine reaches its lowest RPM the system will reverse until the engine regains full RPM.


1425 Track Video


Key Features and Options

  • Caterpillar 174 horsepower - Tier 4 Final Engine
  • Caterpillar 308 Steel track undercarriage
  • 36" diameter x 25" wide cuttermill with 14 teeth
  • 7' long x 24" wide infeed conveyor (steel or rubber)
  • 18" wide stationary discharge (7' approximate stacking height)

Product Details

Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected.
All Specifications are subject to change.

Standard Metric
Opening 25 in  x  20 in 63.50 cm  x  50.80 cm
Width 101.25 in 257.20 cm
Height 115 in 292.10 cm
Length 297 in 754.40 cm
Feed Rate 40 ft/min
Fuel Tank 40 gl 151.40 l
Hydraulic Tank 40 gl 151.40 l
Power 174 hp

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