The Model PT-7X combines the latest technology and materials with a low consumption of diesel fuel to streamline the screening process. It is well equipped to screen municipal waste,  biomass, coal, soil, gravel, wood chips and wood waste, and separates debris from dirt with a rotating 6’ 6.75”-foot diameter and 23’ 7.5” long sieving drum that is universal in design and interchangeable.


Pronar trommel screens are equipped with many design features.  Easy-to-use control panel, belt speed adjustment, detachable rear bumper, hydraulic support legs, beacon lights, remote controls, and having the engine and hydraulic system mounted on a pull-out frame for easy maintenance are just some of the built-in options available.  A hydraulic tipping grid aids in removing large objects and prevents damage to the trommel drum from gravel or stones.  


Bandit offers and services select Pronar equipment. That means when you add a Pronar mobile stacking conveyor or a Pronar trommel screen, you get the same level of service and support you get from every Bandit machine.


* Specs below represent the tracked chassis version of the Model PT-7X.

Product Details

Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected.
All Specifications are subject to change.

Standard Metric
Width 114 in 290 cm
Height 144 in 365 cm
Length 488 in 1240 cm
Weight 44754 lbs 20300 kg
Power 122 hp 90 kw

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